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Victoria's Biodiversity - the Strategy

Victoria’s Biodiversity Strategy fulfills commitments in the national Strategy for the Conservation of Biodiversity and requirements under Victoria’s Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1998.

Photo: Our Living Wealth

Victoria’s Biodiversity - Our Living Wealth

It is a colourful picture of Victoria’s terrestrial and marine ecosystems and their geology, flora and fauna. It touches on the major risks to communities and species within these ecosystems. Magnificent illustrations of the 15 ecosystems provide a visual representation of the diversity of species.

Photo: Sustaining our Living Wealth Victoria’s Biodiversity - Sustaining Our Living Wealth

Describes the legal, economic and social framework for us to conserve biodiversity. It outlines the challenges and ways forward and highlights ways:

to integrate biodiversity conservation into our actions, thinking and way of life, in which the community is already making a major contribution, and

to do more, including correcting past mistakes.

Individuals, community organisations, business and government can all play a role. This will be supported by better information and research, to sustain and enhance our ‘living wealth’.

Photo: Directions in Management Victoria’s Biodiversity - Directions in Management

Sets out the objectives of the strategy and management approaches to be used. The document focuses on the living assets and the biodiversity condition in all of Victoria’s bioregions. It describes and charts the biodiversity assets and challenges that characterise our landscapes. Making this data readily accessible facilitates community ownership of our biodiversity and encourages us all to take a ‘hands on’ role in its conservation.

The emphasis is on:

systematic prevention or reduction of the causes of biodiversity decline or loss,

ecologically sustainable management of public lands and waters by government agencies, in association with resource-based industries,

cooperative management of biodiversity on private land, in partnership with landholders, the community, Catchment Management Authorities and local government,

every community and bioregion forming and integral part of our living wealth, and

the reporting framework for monitoring progress.


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